Worries Are Gone Farm in Late Spring & Early Summer

It was a good year for June bearing strawberries.
A successful bark graft of American persimmon.
“Piggie” enjoys drinking fresh Jersey cow’s milk and eating Jerusalem artichokes.
These are the offspring of our Pilgrim gander and our Tufted-Roman & Buff geese.
We experimented raising a batch Cornish cross chickens.
Alpine strawberries are still the favourite variety.
Red currants for fresh eating, smoothies and in morning oatmeal.
“Piggie” is moved to a new patch of ground.
House sparrow chicks are not welcome inhabitants of the blue bird boxes.
The paw paw flowers set fruit and are ripening in the sunny spots along the woods trails.
Incubator hatched goslings were popular items in early summer.
An artistic display of rhubarb for jamming and pie.
A mourning dove fledgling came for a visit.
Late fruiting honey-berries were popular on the farm especially ‘blue velvet’ and ‘blue moon’ varieties.
The goslings take a stroll around the orchard under the watchful gaze of our Great Pyrenees.
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